Ban Books About Dogs Dying By Adam Waddle

Ban Books About Dogs Dying By Adam Waddle
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I read a lot of books now a days, but I wasn’t always a big reader. When I was young I rarely read books, and I blame it on the books that my teachers made me read in elementary school. Three of the novels that I read in elementary school were about dead dogs. The three books were Where The Red Fern Grows, Old Yeller, and Sounder.

In Sounder I think the dog was just horribly injured, but I am not going to re-read it to find out. Now when I read a book and a dog is introduced I just put the book down, and move on to the next one. That might be the only part of the book with a dog and he may live happily ever after, but I am not going to find out.

To make it all worse, when we would finish these books in elementary school, the teacher would always say-

“Now that we finished the book, for a treat we will watch the movie!”

No wonder kids are shooting up schools. They just can’t take any more dead dogs.

I think we should ban any books where dogs die. I have read Catcher In The Rye and if that is banned from schools then all of the dead dog books need to be banned as well.

I think kids become illiterate as a defense mechanism because of these books.

Side note: Is it messed up that my favorite book in elementary school was Number The Stars (a book about the holocaust)? Does that make me racist?

Written by Adam Waddle



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