I Don’t Care How Many Cows Get Molested By Adam Waddle

I Don’t Care How Many Cows Get Molested By Adam Waddle
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So recently I was chattin’ it up with a friend at work who happened to be a vegan. I asked him if he decided to become a vegan for health reasons, or was it something else that prompted him to cut animal and animal products out of his diet. He told me that it was a moral issue for him. He didn’t eat meat because he didn’t want to be responsible for the death of another living thing. I get that, and even though I haven’t cut meat out of my diet I think I could if I wanted to. Then I asked him why he cut milk out of his diet. So he told me that he didn’t use milk or anything made from milk ,because the process of milking a cow is sexually assaulting a cow. He told me to imagine that someone woke up every morning, and squeezed all the milk from my Mom’s boobs while she just had to sit there not being able to do anything about it.

I started to think about it, and he was making perfect sence. I started to get a little angry at the idea of humans going arround sexually assaulting cows…but then I realized that cheese is made from milk…I don’t care how many cows have to get molested to keep the cheese coming. Cheese makes just about everything taste better from cake to burgers. The way I see it is, if God didn’t want us to molest cows then he would have given them thumbs.

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