Sorry Mom I Turned My Brother Gay By Adam Waddle

Sorry Mom I Turned My Brother Gay By Adam Waddle
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Gay Brother

When I was growing up my brothers and I would always make jokes about each other being gay. I don’t know why we did this, but the goal was always to come up with a better gay joke to use on each other. My mom hated when we would call each other gay. She would always say the same thing-

“Don’t call your brother gay, or he is going to start to believe it.”

I am pretty sure that if this is how you turn someone gay then everyone would be gay. I told my mom not to worry, and that if I did turn my brother gay I would make fun of him for being straight until he turned heterosexual again.

My goal in life became to make a gay joke so funny that even my mom would laugh at it.

One day my brother, my mom and I were all in the kitchen getting ready to attend a wedding for a family friend. My mom asked-

“Do you guys think that you will get married someday?”

I said, “probably.”

My brother replied, “I am never going to get married.”

I then put my hand on my brothers shoulder and with great concern in my voice I said, “Don’t worry they will pass the gay marriage law someday.”

I had achieved my goal. My mom couldn’t hold back the laughter.

…but now my brother is super gay and making fun of him for being straight doesn’t seem to be having an effect on him.

Sorry mom, but you laughed too.

Written by Adam Waddle



  1. Kyo Ong says:

    hahhaaa… not too close, darling. Not too close. I have my safety distance to keep! But yea it can be kind of flattering lol

  2. awaddle05 says:

    I have no problem with them. I actually enjoy when they hit on me it is flattering. Lol

  3. Kyo Ong says:

    hahaha.. that was pretty fun a read.
    gay people are cool, as long as they don’t hit on me or try weird stuff! :p

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